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The Old Cow Shed

Welcome to the Old Cow Shed, an absolute stunner of a venue.

We have hosted some of the BEST weddings going. Our couples are beyond brilliant, and most have literally blown us away with their visions.

The Old Cow Shed

Born and raised on a farm in Melton Mowbray, it seemed only a matter of time before I came trotting back, dragging my London-made husband and kids behind me. This magical place Poplars Farm (kids call it Poppers Farm) was bought by Grandpa Frank in the 1960s, but no-one from the family moved in. That is until we arrived....

We've been here two years now - plotting, scheming, laughing, crying, knocking nails into things, in a bid to create a really wonderful wedding venue. The Old Cow Shed now offers a relaxed, beautiful and uncomplicated space. It's proper lovely.

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