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Surprisingly we get asked this question the most when people enquire! 

The simple answer is yes but indulge me while we geek out over equipment here!

Do you have lights?

Our disco setup features two types of speakers that are the heart and soul of the party! Our elegant LD Maui G28 column style speakers are the perfect match for our rustic vibe, taking up minimal space while delivering maximum impact for venues of up to 150 people. But the real star is Tom's pride and joy - a hand-built sound system by Blue Acoustics, a true masterpiece of European components and British design. With a massive 4.5kw of raw power, this one-of-a-kind white beauty will make you feel the beat like never before, effortlessly pumping up crowds of up to 300 people!


With great power comes great responsibility!

We have taken time to find the perfect lights for your event, setup in either black, white or rustic and with uplighting thrown in we believe our light setup is pretty cool! We don't hide away with our setups charging you a high cost and turning up with two lights isnt our style. Instead we digitally control our lighting to match any colour themes, this blends beautifully for that all important first dance in front of our setup. When it's time to party our lights work just as hard as Tom on the decks to bring you beautiful blended colour and patterns to fill the room in colour. No explosions in a paint factory from us! We don't use lasers or strobes.


All of my equipment is of the highest quality and kept in great condition through regular servicing, renewing and annual PAT inspections. I have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) for up to £10,000,000, Certificates can been viewed here


PAT certificate
Public Liability Insurance.

Peace of mind

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